Contract Towels

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Holcome Textiles Services supply high quality contract towels within a wide range of industries including care homes and hospices, hair & beauty salons and spa’s, hotels & restaurants, sports & leisure clubs.

Our towels are made specifically for the contract market, and are therefore designed to be extremely durable, while also being soft and absorbent. We have a deep understanding of the requirements of our clients, and we know that our clients expect fine quality, soft & absorbent towels which are durable, at a competitive price & with fast & friendly services which is second to none – and that is what we deliver.
500g/m² Contract Towels

Our 500g contract towels are quality Turkish towels made from 100% cotton. These towels are renowned for their softness, absorbency and durability. Available in an impressive range of shades.
450g/m² Laundry Towels

Our laundry towels are a high quality budget towel specifically created for the contract / laundry market.

600g/m² Luxury Towels.

These luxury towels are the ultimate in softness and comfort. At 600g/m², and being made of luxury combed cotton, these towels are particularly popular within the leisure & hotel industry, for those businesses which must pay attention to detail to ensure every part of the guests or members experience is infused with quality and comfort.
Bleach Resistant Salon Towels

Our bleach resistant towels are black towels which stay black, and are designed for hair salons to prevent the discolouring of salon towels by the chemicals present in hair colouring and bleaching products.
Embroidered Logo Towels

Our embroidered logo towels are an exclusive range of Luxury 100% Cotton Turkish towels, designed specifically for the Hotel and Care Home markets, enhanced by the addition of your company name or logo. While the majority of our hotel, care home & hospice clients prefer these towels in white, they are also available in a range of pastel shades.