Logo Printed Floor Mats

August 2, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized · 13 Comments 

Holcombe Textiles has re launched the very popular logo printed dust control mats. Now with over 50 colours to choose from we can succesfully replicate your logo, images or message onto a durable nitrile rubber backed mat with hard wearing Nylon carpet tufts.

We can offer electronic ‘Proofs’ which are normally back with the client within 24 hours and once approved print your mats within 10 days.

View examples of our Printed Logo mats at www.holcombetextileservices.co.uk

Promotional Entrance Logo Floor Mats & Door Mats

November 18, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized · 16 Comments 

At Holcombe Textiles Services , we offer a wide range of high quality textile services, including floor mats /  door mats.

Entrance floor mats / door mats are a necessity for most businesses  – for health and safety purposes, and also to reduce the requirement for continual floor cleaning.

The standard option for entrance floor mats is generic / neutral mats which purely perform the required functions of removing dirt & moisture from the footwear of staff and visitors / customers, and preventing floors from being soiled, and more importantly preventing slipping on hard flooring. We provide a range of high quality and low cost floor mats of this nature, which do the job extremely well, and are incredibly durable.

However, we also supply promotional logo floor mats, which perform all of the necessary functions required of an entrance mat, while also aiding your branding and enhancing your companies corporate image.

Logo Floor Mats & Door Mats

Logo / promotional entrance floor mats are becoming increasingly popular, given that they’re such an affordable way of helping to enhance your image and brand, while improving the first impressions & giving an increased perception of professionalism to visitors, customers & potential employees.

If you would like to order logo entrance mats for your company, you can order online in the logo

floor mats category of our website, or make an enquiry via the online contact form: or by telephone on 0800 234 6686.