New Specialist Chair Range Launched to Care Sector

September 15, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized · 17 Comments 

Holcombe Textiles is pleased to announce the launch of its new specialist seating range to the Care Sector.

Along with its partner company Your Mobility , Holcombe Textiles has added to its existing range of Care Sector targetted textiles by linking up with Your Mobility to offer a comprehensive range of specialist seating for adults with varying degrees of physical need.

Our specialist chairs have been designed to combine function and practicality with superb comfort, day-long support and aesthetic appeal. The extensive portfolio of specailist seating has the ability to provide the seating solutions to the majority of seating challenges within the care home environment.

More and more nursing staff are realizing the benefits of our chairs and are actively promoting the use of our range to management and relations of those in the home as they will help improve posture,  pressure relief, and the quality of life of those that use them.

For further information or to arrange a visit to assess your specialist seating requirements, please feel free to visit our  website at look for the specialist chair section on the drop down product finder.

Alternatively, contact

Our trained seating advisors are available to visit your location across the UK to assess individual seating needs and also support ongoing staff training.